5 reasons to apply for a Frontrunner role

Take a step closer towards a successful career through DMU frontrunners. Apply for a position and you’ll be able to confidently run to the front like Mr Bolt in the employment race.

Olympics - Beijing Olympic Games 2008

Improve employability skills: Time management, teamwork, initiative, self-motivation, analytical and research skills just to name a few.  All frontrunner roles will require the intern to develop their employability skills which provides a great opportunity to learn new skills and improve existing one


Practical experience: Gain hands on experience. Work on enjoyable and exciting projects and have the opportunity to develop your own project to work on. A Frontrunners placement will allow you to utilise theories learned on university course in practically.

Increase networking: Besides familiarising yourself with friendly and helpful DMU staff, you will further have the opportunity to network with fellow frontrunners in similar positions. This can be a great way to get together to discuss ideas and share research, improving your skills in a collaborative way. Prospects of working with fellow frontrunners in small projects help not only to increase networking but also improve team working skills.


Staff Training Courses: Training courses will be on offer since you will be considered as DMU staff. Staff training courses includes Project Management, Microsoft Office and Data Protection courses. Train as hard as you can and you’ll be able to perform to the best of your abilities. Likewise, the more training course you’re able to attend the better you’ll be able to perform within the workplace. Knowledge = Confidence 


Can’t forget about the MONEY.  


Sure non-paid internships and volunteering work are also a good way to gain experience and looks great on your CV. However, whether you do it for the money or not, a healthy payday at the end of the month will be extremely useful for any student. It’s a sure guarantee that at the end of every month when you check your bank statement, you will unconsciously strike this pose.


There are over 100 roles available and you can apply for as many as you want. The application deadline is on Thursday 10th April, so get applying ASAP.




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