A Warm Welcome

Greetings and welcome to the Business and Law Work Based Learning Unit official blog. The blog will be regularly updated with posts regarding placements, internships and general university experiences. My name is Nana and as this is my first blog I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit about myself. Here’s a picture of myself below so if you see me around you can always give me a wave.


Name: Nana Frimpong Jr

Age: 20

Hometown: Tottenham, London

Course Studying: Business and Management

Occupation: Marketing & Communications Frontrunner for Business & Law Work Based Learning Unit

My role as a Marketing and Communications Frontrunner: As a Marketing and Communications Frontrunner I for the Work Based Learning Unit. I assist with the promotion and advertising of placement opportunities for second year students and help to raise awareness of placement opportunities among first and second year students.

Career Aspirations: This is a question that I would say I cannot give a definite answer. Just like many of you I am still going through the process of finding out what I enjoy most and doing my all to gain experience in as many areas linked to my course as possible. However because of my passion of sport and business in particular marketing, I would love to get into sports management or sports marketing as a career path.

Hobbies & Interest: I am a football fanatic (Arsenal fan) and part of the DMU men’s football team. In my spare time I also enjoy designing and editing random things on Photoshop.

Fun Fact: I won sports personality of the year in secondary school.

I will be posting further blogs in the coming weeks and will do my best to keep it on a regular 3 week basis, considering it is exam period. Make sure to keep re-visiting the Work Based Learning Unit blog page to check for any new interesting blogs.


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