Staying Motivated During Exams


If you have ever paid a visit to our placement office you should be familiar with the infamous picture above. The placement process can be a very stressful one. The further you progress on in the year without securing a placement, the less motivated you may begin to feel.  Do not worry this is natural. Your determination, drive and hard work along with our advice and guidance will be the ingredients to your placement success. If you’re ever in need of a quick motivational push read one of our “quote of the day” posts on twitter @DMUBALPlacement


It’s that time of the year again that we all dread but must face. Many of you may put placement searching on hold during this time of the year which is understandable, but could also mean missing out on placement opportunities. Searching for placements whilst revising and completing assignment will not be easy, therefore your time management and organisation skills will be essential.

Reward Yourself

You can stay motivated during this period by rewarding yourself. This could be as simple as a bar of chocolate after a long, hard day of revision. Taking a couple hours out of your day to apply for placements can actually be stress-free. Looking through placement opportunities could remind you of your target and goals, consequently motivating you to do the best you can in your exams to achieve these goals.

Don’t be afraid to fail

Not every company will feel you are right for the role, although you may feel that you’ve tried your best. “I can accept failure but I can’t accept not trying” (Michael Jordan). See each rejection as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. As a placement searcher you must be fully committed and not rest until you have done everything in you power to secure one.  Try and try again, after all a rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

“It is not always how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward” (Sylvester Stallone). If you are unable to achieve your set goals for the week, don’t let this get you down. Re-evaluate and get ready to go again.

Watch and read motivational material

Everyone needs a source of inspiration from time to time. Stay motivated by watching videos of motivational speeches and you may suddenly feel the urge to be productive.  There are hundreds of motivational videos available on YouTube and a quick Google search could land you on motivational articles and blogs, such as this!

 We are on course to achieve our highest amount of placed students and there are still plenty more placement opportunities coming through.  #keepapplying

Remember, your determination, drive, hard work along with our support will be the ingredients to your placement success!


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