Oli at IBM: Start Your Summer By Applying for a Career Shaping Year at IBM!

IBM (white bg)

Name: Oli

Company: IBM

Job role: Global Business Services HR Partner Support

Degree: Government and Politics

Placement Year: 2013/2014

Where has it gone?

Wow! Where has University gone? I can’t believe that I am about to graduate and that three years ago that I was in your shoes, starting to apply for industrial placements with the help of the Placement Unit. It may be the start of the summer and a well deserved break from coursework and exams, but I would encourage you to start thinking about applying for those dream placement years with some of the first companies, such as IBM, now opening their new application processes for 2015/16.

Applying to IBM

Applying to a large company such as IBM can be a daunting process, with complex application processes, ‘competencies’ to understand and learning how to market yourself to the companies that you wish to apply for, however, that should not put you off. By starting early you can utilise the summer months to get your research done and start your applications with the virtual support of the placement unit whilst you are not on campus to aid you through the application process.

What I gained from applying to IBM

I personally found that completing the IBM application process acted as a foundation to base future applications on as it allowed me to analyse the key skills that I have and how they relate to the skills employers are seeking when sifting through the applications that they receive. The IBM application also provided me with valuable experience of psychometric testing, another transferable skill that I was able to use when applying to other companies.

I believe that because I started early, completing research over the summer and utilising the support of the placement unit as soon as the application processes opened, my chances of gaining my ‘dream’ placement were significantly improved, resulting in a placement year at IBM. My placement year has helped to shape my future career path and has landed me a graduate role at IBM.

Good luck with your placement search and have a fantastic summer break!


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