Rikki at Lloyds Banking and his placement search

Name: Rikki

Company: Lloyd’s Bank

Job role: Risk Analyst

Degree: Accounting and Finance

Placement Year: 2013/2014

Rikki Masterson (Lloyds)










Placement search processĀ 

When searching for placements it was very time-consuming, particularly preparing unique covering letters and responses to questions for each application, particularly as I was lacking in work experience from which I could draw upon. However creating a few general points from which I could focus any responses around helped a lot and also allows you to support your points in an interview as you would have written about the general event/activity numerous times already.

Being at Lloyd’s

The actual placement was an incredible growth experience both professionally and personally. The placement helped me to realise the true environment of skilled labour, and socialising with my wider team from various offices across the country helped me learn to mix with professionals from varying backgrounds and lifestyles of all age groups and was very fun at times, which helped compensate for the hard work.

Graduate success

As a result of my placement and the mindset, it helped create avenues for my final year and now I am on track to graduate this July and start work on a graduate scheme with Lloyd’s Bank in September, which shows that the hard work will pay off in the longer run.



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