Carla’s Thoughts On Placement Searching

Name: Carla

Company: ACW

Job Role: Digital Marketing

Degree: Advertising & Marketing Communications

Placement Year: 2014/2015








Whilst searching for a placement, I learnt that you have to take it on as a big commitment. You have to put time and effort into each one you apply for, or there’s no point applying. I learnt that if your heart’s not in the application, then your heart won’t be in the job if you actually got it. At the same time, it is important that you don’t give up, even when you’ve been rejected. A lot of the time when I was applying for placements I felt very disheartened, but I decided to channel that into being all the more determined to succeed and get one; it spurred me on in a way.


I am over the moon to have found a placement. Most importantly, I have found one that is right for me, with the role determining things that I am good at and things I would love to learn. Even though I was determined to get placed, I didn’t want to apply for a role that I didn’t think I would enjoy, or even claim I could do aspects of the job role when I couldn’t just to secure a placement. I know that if I got one by doing either of those things, I would not enjoy my placement year. I feel like all the hard work has paid off and proud of myself for continuing to search when I could have given up. I am nervous to start, but I think it is learning curve for everyone at the beginning; my employer isn’t going to expect me to ace the job the first day, or even the first week, as long as I show I am willing to work hard.


–          Keep a list of the placements you’ve applied for: That way, you will know how many you have applied for and you won’t get confused if someone emails or rings you and you can’t remember ever applying because you’ve absent-mindedly forgotten the name of the company.

–          Make sure you tailor your covering letter to each job position: It’s really hard to resist copy and pasting the same covering letter over and over to every company, but the more you practice writing them specifically for each company, the better they sound. (Trust me, I wrote about 50!)  If you look at the job description and write about a situation at university or in your previous job where you thought you did a similar thing and how you think it would make you good at the position, it makes you stand out from the sea of people all writing the same monotonous thing.


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