Assessment Centres – Top 10 tips

So you’ve sent off the application, you’ve got past the phone interview and the psychometric testing, and now you have been invited to an assessment centre. For many of you this is great news but what do you do next? How do you prepare for an assessment centre?

Below are some of our top tips on how to ace your next assessment centre.

Dress to impress – First things first, make sure you look the part! Going into an assessment centre should be considered the same as a job interview as far as dress is concerned.

Be prepared – Do your homework! Make sure that you have researched the company its culture, values and any other recent news. These facts can become useful talking points during your interview and it helps to show your interviewer that you are passionate about the company.

Go the extra mile – Setting yourself apart from the other candidates can be a difficult task. One way of doing so is by going the extra mile this could mean anything from creating a mock marketing campaign to making an advertisement for a new product the company is launching.

Team working skills – more often than not you will at some point during the assessment centre work as part of a team with other potential candidates. This can be quite a daunting prospect as the other candidates are all there for the same reason; however you must work together for the good of the task.

Listen – In any group situation always take the time to listen to others opinions. This shows that you are prepared to hear others out and work with their ideas.

Interact – Don’t be that person in the group who barely says two words throughout the whole assessment centre. You have to be able to show you are confident and comfortable in team situations and the way to do this is by making your voice heard.

Presentation – Often a presentation is part of the assessment day. Make sure you practise your presentation technique. Always remember to keep it engaging and interesting.

Be yourself – An employer can always tell when you’re not being genuine! It may be a tense situation but keep always be yourself, the employer wants to see who you are and whether or not you will be a good fit for the company.

Practice makes perfect – A great way to prepare for an assessment day is to go to a mock assessment day something which many universities offer to their students.

RELAX! – It may be a high pressure situation but remember to breathe and stay composed and you will be fine.


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