Officially a fully-fledged member of The Walt Disney Company!!

That first month feels like a lifetime away now. There have been many highlights of the past 8 weeks, as well as many challenges and times I have had to learn and develop quickly.

In early July I had the opportunity to attend the Disney UK Autumn Showcase. This was an amazing opportunity to be part of, and sharing the experience of my first Disney event with the other interns was a brilliant introduction to the world of Disney. It was the first time where the world of Disney was fully presented to us. It is easy to overlook working at The Walt Disney Company, just focussing on the day-to-day arduous tasks and forgetting the bigger picture.

As part of the presentation, it was clear the effect Disney has on so many children and adults across the world and the phenomenal success of all of its brands.

This event also gave me the opportunity to meet Mickey and Minnie as well as Iron Man and Thor. See pictures below…

disney 1Disney 2

As the weeks have gone on I have felt more responsibility within my team and my managers have seemed increasingly happy with my progress. I have also established some areas of my personality and behaviour that needed to change in the business environment. Corporate business culture requires a whole different way of thinking and behaving to anything I have experienced before, it is like learning how to read, write and talk again sometimes.

I have been involved in many important meetings with licensees recently and feel valued in my role, I support my team through all elements of the job and do feel I am now at the point when I can effectively do this. My managers have given me the opportunities to grow and learn and be part of important projects so that every day of the experience is of worth.

Recently I was asked to attend a trade fair with my managers and was set a task alongside this. My managers asked me to look at new business opportunities in selected segments of our department and to collate this information into a presentation. The trade fair was the first I had attended, and gave me first-hand experience of the licensing business, talking to licensers and assessing whether they were appropriate or not for Disney. I collected many contacts at the fair and have established a significant number of opportunities to grow the department.

Now at the end of my 3rd month I have been given my letter detailing I’ve passed my probation and am now an official cast member of The Walt Disney Company. With another 9 months left I am excited to meet the challenges ahead.


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