Student testimonial – Lucy King

 Name: Lucy King        Lucy King      

 Company: David Wilson Homes

 Job role: Marketing Assistant

 Degree: Advertising and Marketing Communications

 Placement Year: 2014/2015


The big search!

The process of applying for a placement can be a long, stressful but exciting period of your life. Everyone would love a placement and that’s why before you begin your search you need to do as much as possible to stand out from the crowed. When I chose my course, I purposely picked it due to the sandwich year, not only does this look great in the future when looking for a graduate job but also I knew it would build my confidence and experience in the working environment.

I was fortunate enough to become Head of Marketing for Demon Media in my first year, therefore had a strong subject to talk about in my CV and interviews. While applying for your placements try to get involved in as much relevant experience as you can to make you stand out. Once you have a strong CV, this is when you can start the process of applying to the jobs. DON’T PANIC! If you don’t have a CV yet placement will help you out from start to finish.

Through the time of applying you will receive a lot of rejections from companies, do not take this to heart, this should give you an even bigger push to keep going. I applied for at least 30 positions and received four interviews before accepting my placement offer. Some of my friends were not placed until last-minute which shows everyone can get one if you put the effort in.

Push yourself to keep going!

The placement process can be full of rejection, it happens to everyone! I was applying every single week to many companies and was being turned down by a lot of companies, you do feel disappointed but I just knew they weren’t meant to be at that time. The Work Based Unit helped me create a strong CV and cover letter whilst also giving me confidence to present and answer confidently in my interviews. Fortunately I was given the opportunity to create a marketing campaign for Goodyear Dunlop Tyres. This was so exciting; I enjoyed presenting my ideas and getting successful feedback which boosted my confidence. Although I did not get the job I was able to keep my campaign for the future to show other employers whilst also having the experience of presenting in front of high up managers. I carried on applying and just like that, another interview popped up for David Wilson Homes!

After two face to face interviews, and one presentation I am now an intern for David Wilson homes as their marketing assistant. I am currently on my third week and enjoying my time here massively. Time is flying by and I have already learnt so much about the industry and new software’s which I would have never been taught if I didn’t get a placement within a large, professional company.

My ultimate 5 top tips…

  1. Do as much as you can to stand out before applying for placement, such as relevant work experience or joining a society.
  2. Make sure you check your CV with the placement Unit to make sure it’s up to date and the best it can be
  3. Apply apply apply, keep sending to as many as you can. Do not rush into applications, make sure they’re as good as you can do them and send away.
  4. When receiving rejections don’t give up it happens to everyone, and when receiving interviews prepare well and be confident
  5. If you get a placement- WELL DONE! Know your business before you go, attempt every job, ask questions, and most of all enjoy it! This is your time to shine

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