Making the most out of your CV

Applying for any job can be an intimidating process. Often the killer questions you will be asking yourself is what makes you different to everyone else who has applied for this position? Why should the recruiter pick you over all the other applicants?

And this is a valid point. Put yourself in the recruiter’s position, guaranteed that they will be inundated with impressive CV’s from stellar candidates, but why can’t you be one of these candidates?

Well in short you can.

Your CV is your chance to sell yourself. It is not simply a piece of paper with your history and grades on it. Imagine your CV as your sales pitch on paper, it’s your chance to convince the recruiter that you are the ideal candidate for the role.

So what’s your first step into creating this sales pitch?

Relevant work experience – Highlight your experience that is relevant to the role. For example if you have worked in a marketing agency and the role you are applying for is marketing then be sure to highlight this experience. This is a great opportunity to show the employer that you are prepared for the role and already have skills which will be useful to the relevant department.

Personal statement – Tell the employer who you are. This is a great opportunity to highlight key skills and back them up with relevant examples such as Team work. “A key skill I feel I have picked up throughout my employment is team working, this is a skill I feel is essential to the role and one of the many reasons I would thrive within the company”.

Extracurricular – Don’t be one sided in your application. Show employers that you have a wide variety of skills both academic and others. These can include things like team sports, travelling and other creative hobbies such as art or blogging.

These tips can really help to inform a recruiter on what makes you stand out from the crowd. Always remember to put yourself in the position of the recruiter and ask yourself if your CV stands out for the right reasons.


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