Pfizer Application – Quick hints and tips!

Do you want to make an application to Pfizer, a global pharmaceuticals company but stuck on the application? Take a look at these tips below from Sam who did his placement year at Pfizer and is now working for a global organisation! He has some great tips to share below.

The key elements that are often present in the really good applications are:

  • Passion for the company and a general ‘want’ to work for them
  • In depth (and relevant) research beyond purely the website and the job spec (something I did for all of my applications was highlight a weakness in their current operations and then arrive at interview with a business case on how they could improve on it. This always goes down well as it shows you have thought things through and are willing to put ideas across confidently)
  • For Pfizer, any suggestion of wanting to learn/having experience of Six Sigma Continuous Improvement goes down really well as they are one of the big ambassadors for it
  • Activities and interests sections are essential. They are probably just as valuable as the first year grades. They want to know what you are about, what makes ‘YOU’ you. Every interview I have had for undergrad and for grad has been all about experiences both work based and also outside of work to gather your skills set
  • For the questions, they need to use as much of the 200 words as they can without going over (we used to count the words of every application during Pfizer’s recruitment phase which was tedious). This is their chance to really show why they will bring lots of value to the firm and showcase their knowledge.
  • For the final box ‘If you would like to add more information or further details, please use this space provided’ it is essential to fill it in. Leaving this blank is 99.9% of the time an instant rejection. They see it as laziness. As candidates are restricted to 200 words a question for the set questions, this box gives them the chance to almost show off what they know and how they will benefit the business.

Overall, applications can reads too similarly to the 100’s of applications we read as undergrads while we were assisting in recruiting our replacements at Pfizer.

It needs to be made more unique and individual. This will come from good levels of research and also expressing themselves. In particular, the business case concept is almost an instant win. Companies really love it when you can challenge them and be confident in putting across your ideas in a constructive manner as it is essentially what you will need to do when you are in the role.

So here you go, some great tips and make sure you complete your application and submit it before the deadline!

31st October 2014


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