Time flies when you are having fun and learning a lot!!!

Gabriella 4 months in!I can’t even believe I have now surpassed 5 months at The House of Mouse!

The time has flown and I really hope the next 7 months don’t pass as quickly and I am able to fully appreciate each day. I now feel as though I am confident about my role and job and there is seldom a task I feel as though I am incapable of.

I have been given many opportunities to engage in new experiences in these first few months that have shaped my attitude and perspective on work and my placement as a whole. In September I was able to attend Brand Licensing Europe, which is an exhibition of the licensing business showcasing both Licensors and Licensees.

This was a way for me to network with other people within the business and increase my understanding of the whole industry. As licensing was a completely new concept to me when I entered into this placement, getting first-hand experience of how the licensors were pitching and what questions were being asked was really valuable.

Another new experience for me, is having to cross communicate with colleagues in varying levels of hierarchy as well as colleagues in offices across, Europe, The Middle East and Africa. My communication skills are being developed each day as I need to adapt my tone or pace to suit the situation depending on the culture’ language or level of the “cast member” I am talking to. The senior management teams with the business are so hands on that communication with them is uncomplicated. They understand the business turns over an influx of interns once a year therefore they aim to inspire you to make your contribution to The Walt Disney Company and feel the benefit of being employed there.

The president of the business is the pillar head of this management style. He has a private lift at the back of the office, however frequently uses the generic lifts and engages in sustained conversations with members of staff, in addition he also enjoys sitting with other employees in the canteen for lunch time. His open and engaging management style is inspiring to me, and should I gain the opportunity to be as successful as he, I would like to mirror his genuine approach.

As someone who is not settled on my future vocation, I am intrigued not only by licensing, but by all of the surrounding and supporting lines of business within The Walt Disney Company. Experiencing a real business environment has widened my knowledge of career options and helped me understand what my strengths and weaknesses are. However most importantly, I am gaining a sense of what elements of work I enjoy and would therefore like to have incorporated into my future vocation.

This week marked a year since I applied for this placement and although I had to persevere to get here, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

If any of you placement searchers this year want any first hand advice or encouragement, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

My email is p12192462@myemail.dmu.ac.uk


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