5 Dos and Don’ts of Video & Digital Interviews


  1. Have background noise or bad surroundings

People think that because they are at home, it doesn’t matter what other noises are around them. No employer wants to hear your drunken housemates, your screaming sibling, obsessive mother, or any other family member. Make sure you cut out all the noise!

  1. Use Skype as “normal”

Do NOT talk to your friends on Skype during the interview. For example, it was reported that during a screen-share interview (for a technical position) it was found that somebody was talking down about the company and interviewer whilst in an interactive interview but forgot that the interviewer could see their screen! How silly.

  1. Slouch

Think that because you’re at home, you don’t have to bother with a suit etc. This is an interview, at home nevertheless, but still a formal assessment of your skills.

  1. Interrupt the interviewer

Wait your turn. Please. If the interviewer has a lot to talk to you about, just wait for your signal to engage with them or to answer their questions.


  1. Sign on late

This is just as bad as turning up to a physical location late; it makes you look bad as a potential recruit and can ruin your chances before you have even opened your mouth. It makes you look flustered and unorganised. It’s just a no. Don’t do it.


Late Meme



  1. Make sure that your webcam ACTUALLY works

With the rise of Facetime, Skype for mobile, Snapchat, and other mobile apps, many people have no need for an ACTUAL webcam. Wait, a piece of hardware? What is that? So, make sure that it works, isn’t pixelated and, is focused on your face (not your torso, not your legs, not your walls, YOUR FACE).

  1. Lockdown your social media accounts

This is not exclusive to the video interview, but key to any stage of the recruitment process. Make sure that you delete any posts on social media that are adverse against any companies, lecturers etc., as this will make you look unprofessional. Also, ensure your Facebook account is completely private – employers don’t want to see you on a night out, really!

Over half of employers have rejected someone based on the content they have found on their social media accounts . If it is obvious you are always out drinking, how often will you be calling in sick for a hangover? Just think about it.


Social Meme


  1. Practice and Research

Many interactive videos don’t have someone there to prompt you for your answers; so you need to ensure that you are in time and get your message across in the time specified.

Always ensure that you’ve done your company research and try to get key details about the contacts you have, there may be timed questions relevant to the company and if you don’t have any notes to quickly glance at you may find yourself very swiftly out of the recruitment pool!



  1. Check your internet connection

There is NOTHING worse than a lagging connection during a video interview; whilst this may not be your fault please ensure that you have a working connection well before the interview. If you don’t, and it is out of your control, tell the employer in advance of the interview.

No Internet



    5. Have a professional Skype username

No employer wants to see an email address or Skype username that is blatantly from your earlier years. Keep it professional.



– Beth Barnham



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