George Employer Presentation



Brief History: George was set up in 1990 by George Davis in 65 ASDA superstores in the UK, then in 1999 Walmart purchased both ASDA and George with now over 3000 stores in the UK and number 2 volume retailer in the UK – selling more quantities of goods than its competitors.

Award winning undergraduate company – National Council of Work Experience 2013.

Operating now across 8 different countries, George operates through multi-channel, online, non-food, international and new business.


  • Asda Stores
  • Supercentres
  • Supermarkets
  • Superstores


  • Asda Living

Online Business

  • George

New Business

  • Click and Collect
  • ASDA Direct
  • Home Shopping

International Stores

  • Walmart
  • Franchise stores

George want to design for real life so they have the best price for their customers.

Person Specification

  1. New, fresh ideas
  2. Eager and willingness to learn
  3. Creative
  4. Innovative
  5. Adaptable: hire for the attitude, training the skil


What skills are George looking for?

  • passion for work and customers
  • commercial awareness
  • desire to keep learning
  • good self awareness
  • strong customer focus
  • determination to build successful knowledge

Why George?

  • adventurous
  • all have a sole purpose
  • development and training
  • in it together
  • working with a leading world retailer
  • you can drive your development
  • clearly set out PDP
  • support for everyone to reach their potential


Current Undergraduate Case Study:

Rosie Helps – Branch Merchandising Adult Essentials
Business and Management student from the University of Sunderland

Rosie’s top tips to students when applying is to be “well rounded” with “good communication, leadership, team working” as well as being able to “stand out from the crowd”. In addition, she suggests the key to smashing an application form is to “know the company”, if you have done your research and show that you’re “interested in the role”, you can’t go far wrong.

What does Rosie’s role involve?

  • allocation and replenishment of stock
  • depot to store within supply chain targets
  • ensure optimum availability at all times
  • daily review and implementation of allocation and replenishment to maximise sales
  • building a “new store stock package” to ensure everything is where it needs to be at what time
  • distribution centre visits
  • store visits

What has Rosie been involved in since being with George?

  • WOW event for new starters to do team building exercises
  • George 25th birthday event
  • Apprentice type challenge – “Designing for Real Life”
  • Football training and matches


Other roles available:

Assistant buyer (3)
Assistant merchandiser (1)
PR assistant (1) marketing etc.
Multichannel supply (1)
Application process  – online application with CV and Covering letter
(there is no slot for a covering letter, but feel free to add one on to the beginning or end of your CV)
Assessment centre in January / February:
      – Interview
      – Group exercise
      – Presentation
      – Numerical test
      – Meet the current students
Job Offer 


Application Deadline:

7th December 2015


Start date: July 2016 | Location: Lutterworth, Leicestershire |
Salary: £17,000 | Benefits: Discount card, Bonus scheme



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