FedEx Marketing Placement

Name: Nikki Allen

Company: FedEx

Job Role:  Marketing Placement

Placement Year: 2015-16 

Placement Service Support

During my search for a placement I came across a number of barriers such as struggling with the online tests and not hearing replies from companies. However, the placement service provided a number of sessions to help support placement searchers such as how to write your CV and cover letter or practice at numerical tests. The placement office were there to answer every concern and question I had and supported me every step of the way.

The placement unit sent regular updates when placements became available. I noticed one of the emails contained FedEx Marketing Placement. This was exactly what I was looking for and started drafting a cover letter tailored to the placement straight away. I had a number of appointments with the placement office to look over my work, along with practice interview techniques and research I needed which helped me to gain my placement.

During the year I attended a number of workshops that the placement office ran such as:

  • Introduction to finding a placement
  • CV help workshop
  • Cover letter workshop
  • Appointments to discuss interview techniques/research I needed to conduct
  • Successfully achieving a placement session
  • MyGateway


Advice to searchers

I think the biggest thing to remember is the benefits a placement will have on your future career. I know that a job with your placement company isn’t guaranteed, however the experience is vital when continuing after university. Many of the job applications I have been looking at now ask for 12 months experience as a minimum. I would always recommend to keep trying as you have nothing to lose and could have a lot to gain.

It might seem disheartening at times when you don’t hear from companies or you see other people achieving placements, however keep going. The benefits of having a placement and the experience you receive with benefit your career in the future. I have learnt so much already during my placement with FedEx that I definitely recommend applying. Some of the experiences I have had, I will never be able to experience again. Make sure you apply early as placements may close if they have reached the number required, many of the placements are available to see on MyGateway which I would recommend regularly going on as it is always updated.



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