My “TOP” placement experience so far…

Name: Alex Taylor

Company: TopCashback

Job role: Marketing Assistant

Degree: Business and Marketing

Placement Year: 2015/2016


When companies look for experience as well as just a degree; I can now see why. I have only been at TopCashback for around 5 months and I have already learnt so much! When I first arrived I had those nerves and worries like everyone else. Worried about my managers expecting too much of me, worried I wouldn’t fit in, how would I ever? I was kindly surprised when everyone in my team treated me like I was a part of their TopCashback family and took me under their wing. Five months on, I am doing things I never thought I would be able to.

With one of the first people to start my placement, there were still a few of the previous students finishing off theirs. However, as the weeks went on slowly more and more new students joined, including two friendly faces,  both from DMU themselves! With TopCashback employing so many placement students, I have made a solid group of friends all whom are also placement students – we refer to each other as the “Squad”. The social aspect of a placement year is just as social as university. All of the placement students and even some full time members of staff go out to regularly including eating, drinking and nights out! I have made some great friends so far!

Currently my team are reviewing the very busy period we just had known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday! These notorious events have stolen the headlines for the scandalous behaviours by shoppers and the way retailers are unable to cope with growing demand. These times are very important for all retailers and a very busy time for us marketers! Instead of sending average 15 emails per week we had gone up to well over 30. This was incredible pressure on us to work hard and get it done. You don’t get more real life experience than this. It has be an experience I will never forget!

Deciding to do a placement year was the best decision I have ever made, both for my personal life and my career. I have met some wonderful people and had real experience in a Marketing position. I’m looking forward to what the next few months have in store for me! For now, bring on the Christmas rush!

Alex 🙂


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