The Walt Disney Company – Everything you need to know for their placement schemes!

The Walt Disney Company

Do you want to work for a leading global company, inspiring thousands worldwide? Look no further than the Disney Finance Internships and Placements – exclusive to DMU.

DMU currently have three students out on placement in at Disney’s head office in Hammersmith, who are absolutely loving their year in industry. Disney don’t offer a graduate scheme, though these two budding interns have been offered positions following their graduation due excelling the requirements! In addition, they have both been offered the opportunity to study for a professional qualification; ACCA and CIMA funded by Disney


What jobs are on offer?

 Job Title: Finance Intern

Job Title: Contract Management, Regional Finance, and Licensing Finance Placement)

Job Title: Home Category Intern


What is it that’s so great about working at Disney?

The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923, and today still continues to provide quality entertainment for every member of the family. Walt Disney & M.J. Winkler signed a contract which is suggested now as the beginning of the The Disney Brothers Studio.

Disney works closely and collaborates with companies such as Dolce & Gabbana, Swarovski, and Jimmy Choo. This is fantastic to build your network, and potentially meet some of the people behind the most prestigious companies in the world.

That’s great, but how do you apply?

Disney are currently accepting CVs and Covering Letters for:

  1. Home Category Intern via email to Sneha Vekaria – by 5pm on Friday 22nd January 2016
  1. Finance Intern via email to Hasham Mohammad –  by Sunday 31st January 2016
  1. Contract Management, Regional Finance/Licensing via email to Adeel Ahmed by Friday 22nd January 2016 

Sneha is currently a Finance Intern for Disney Baby & Junior in the UK & EMEA, below her role is detailed:

  • Creating the ‘Disney Baby Bible’ and the ‘Disney Junior Bible’ report updated each quarter and sent out to all countries
  • Produce weekly and monthly financial reports
  • Request quarterly forecasts from several key licensees
  • Provide required financial information for key meetings and presentations
  • Create weekly OPA and LRS reports
  • Provide financial support and input on new collaborations
  • Analysis of business plans for contract renewals and business contracts
  • Provide help with negotiating royalty rates and minimum guarantees
  • Support on presentation creation
  • Provide daily updates on new and upcoming projects
  • Perform ad-hoc requests
  • Brainstorming new ideas

Adeel is currently a CMC Intern in the UK and EMEA, below his role is detailed:

  • Leading and managing a group of individuals for annual PwC audits
  • Carrying out internal audits for CMC, every quarter of financial year
  • Prepare written reports of contract status on a weekly basis
  • Prepare weekly reports / agendas for Legal, Publishing and DTR calls
  • Draft contracts, amendments and other contractual documents (artwork release, distribution permission, sell off, non-renewal termination, consent to transfer); review specialised contract language with Legal
  • Prepare weekly CMC presentation
  • Support ILS with creation of keystones
  • Perform ad-hoc requests

Home Category Intern, below the role is detailed:

  • Ad approvals
  • Drafting Contracts
  • Brain storming
  • Support on new collaborations
  • Country Approvals
  • Presentation Creation
  • Creating decks
  • PR Updates

General tips for applicants

  1. This should go without saying, but we will say it anyway: any spelling mistakes on CV’s will automatically be rejected. You could have the best CV in the world, but one mistake and it won’t even be looked at. Attention to detail is a huge must in any organisation.
  1. As per the placement service guidelines, CVs should be no more than 2 pages – be concise! Be sure to include as much work experience as possible, any time-frame is fine.
  1. Disney takes note of the first and last paragraphs as they are the most prominent on any cover letter, come to the placement service if you are struggling.
  1. Never include a web link for where the job was advertised, this is simply taking up room and shows you haven’t proof read!


Important Information

  • Finance related and Business roles will have an exam. The exam is mainly based on the topics learnt in the 2nd
  • Scenario-based questions do also come up where the role is not finance related.
  • Bar Charts, Graphs and Budgets will appear in the exam.
  • Exams consist of 20 questions which must be completed in 30 minutes.
  • Disney are not looking for 100% marks on the exam – they want to get an idea of how much students know and what areas students need to be trained in. Remember, you are not expected to know
  • Interview has got competency based and common interview questions.
  • Students need to try and be unique and give an impressive interview.
  • Disney has received nearly 800 CVs for one of their roles – very competitive!
  • Disney helps placement students to try and find accommodation together. They make a group on social media where students can communicate with other placement students and decide if they want to live together or not.
  • Disney is very supportive to its employees – lots of support, highly valued, tons of goodies & 35% off Disney Stores
  • Educational qualifications such as CIMA and ACCA are fully funded through the organisation



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