Ben Barr at VW Group

Studying: MBus Business & Management
Placement Role: Performance & Planning Analyst

At Volkswagen Group, Ben works with the ŠKODA team to analyse the performance of the Aftersales network whilst planning for the future.

So, we caught up with Ben who is currently doing his placement at Volkswagen Group as a Performance and Planning Analyst; and here is what he had to say:

“At the beginning of my placement search, I didn’t have a real idea of what organisation I could see myself working with, and in what industry. In the first week of term, I had applied to two global organisations and received two prompt rejections the following week. It wasn’t until I started to talk to the placement service on regular basis and interact with all of the employability activities associated that I built my confidence to a higher level than before. This was evident during my subsequent applications and assessment centres which resulted in two offers from companies in the automotive sector.

A year on placement has been a fantastic opportunity to put theory into practise and I have become a much more inquisitive person, which will have a significant impact on my final years of study.

I was even fortunate enough to spend my first two days in Sardinia to unveil a new product to the network.”

Ben Barr VW1

Ben in Sardinia, at the unveiling of a Superb Estate – on his 1st day!!


The best advice during the placement search is to not lose heart; it might take most of the academic year to secure a placement but it’s a process that you will continually develop from. There are a plethora of resources available to help, namely the placement team and the workshops that are put on.

Social side of things – being called up to play football for the SKODA football team.



Ben Barr VW2


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