Why work at 02 as a Placement student?

Student Name: Diana Clough

Course: Law LLB

Placement Company and role: O2, HR Operations

My role is comprised of all sorts of responsibilities that I didn’t really expect to fit in HR. I manage the Leavers process when somebody leaves the company so I am working on reducing costs to the company when these leavers are processed too late or have outstanding payments (e.g. company cars). I manage a digital forum group where the insight improves company processes, as well as many other tasks!

I only applied to about 7 companies but all in great detail. Studying law, I decided to apply to all legal placements except the Commercial Strategy internship for O2. I mostly got to the next stages as I had put so much effort into each application which I think is more important than applying to every and any placement out of desperation. The WBLU were really helpful especially for crafting my CV and hosting all sorts of workshops eg on skills or employer’s coming to visit.

It is really important to research the company you’re looking to apply for in great detail and really utilise all resources available from the Placement Service. I ended up in HR after applying for something that wasn’t even my course so don’t be afraid to apply for something totally different.

After my assessment centre, I felt it went so well that I just had a hunch I would be working there. However I got notified a month later that I had passed the assessment centre but hadn’t got a job. I was completely hopeless as I had even rejected an offer for a legal placement elsewhere. I still had a gut feeling I would be lucky, and I was. Around Easter time I got a call that a new role had opened so I accepted, just in time so I could have a bit more relaxation while studying for summer exams. I’d advise that you start looking for placements as soon as possible e.g. October but if it gets to spring time and you’re still looking, there’s always going to be something somewhere as roles always come up based on business needs – all your hard work will be so worth it.

From doing a placement, I’m a much more confident person and have no worries in speaking or meeting completely new people. Thinking back to last year, I was so immature in comparison! I also have a better insight on things and am more questioning to why things the way they are. I couldn’t imagine seeking a grad job now without having 12 months of industry experience making me a much more employable candidate.

At 02, we’re lucky in that there are always events going on. We had an HR Christmas Party in Liverpool where the Director got in a photobooth with us! We had our annual conference at Twickenham Stadium where we received free rugby shirts, I received free Take That and Grimes tickets, we had an intern gathering at Ascot Racehorse where the whole day was about teambuilding so we got to paint, make our own film and hold snakes, as well as having monthly team meetings across the  country, just to name a few!


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