A week in the life of a Finance Intern

At the start of his week, Daniel had the opportunity to be involved with a promotional graduate/intern video for Heathrow.

He said, “This was a great opportunity to be involved in a project outside of my remit and I was even more excited when I found that the CEO would be filming alongside us!” Adding that he “was required to come into the office quite early, to meet the CEO himself to begin filming scenes.”

Daniel said “It was promising to see the CEO of a large organisation like Heathrow taking interest in interns and graduates and was a great example of the company’s commitment to valuing and developing talent.”

During the week, Daniel was able to support a Finance Analyst with the monthly reporting tasks within the Business Finance team. Monthly reporting is an essential part of a Finance Analyst’s job with time management and good planning essential skills:

“I was involved in data analysis and reconciliation which gave me a chance to improve my analytical skills.”

Playing the role of a Supporting Analyst gave Daniel the opportunity to learn about the processes involved with monthly reporting, by establishing knowledge needed further down the line. He added that “I enjoyed the challenges of analysing information to a high level of detail and felt more capable after performing the tasks assigned to me”

DMU Economics & Business Management student, Daniel, had the opportunity to attend the Bank of England quarterly review with a colleague from the corporate affairs department.

He reported “this event was ideal for me, being an economics undergraduate, and provided a good insight into the statistical reviews completed by the Bank concerning business and economic news. The evening was also a good chance for me to network with local businessmen and students whilst gaining exposure to a corporate event.”


His advice to students would be to network: “networking is an essential skill, and I intend to develop it further during my time at Heathrow and events such as this would help me to achieve this aim.”

This was Daniel’s first week at Heathrow, exciting, insightful and challenging…

What’s stopping you?


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