How to successfully prepare for placement searching

OK, so you’re just about to go into your second year and you’re deeply considering applying for placements as part of your sandwich degree. That’s great, and it’s what we LOVE to hear. But, there’s just one thing… you have no idea how to go about it.

The Placements Team based in your faculty are here to help, from running webinars all throughout the summer  to help  you to understand how  CVs, Cover Letters and Application Forms for these types of roles should be written, to aiding you right from week 0 – the minute your feet hit the ground back on campus. You can come to the placements team with a blank piece of paper for us to help you script a real-life CV to send off to employers, or with a full CV to check over, to find out about certain companies where we may have placed students before. Remember, you are not the first cohort to go out on placement, we have many industry links with companies, and contacts with previous students who have experienced that same role you are applying for. Without coming to see your placements team, you could seriously threaten your chances to succeed with such companies!

Start now, draft a spreadsheet of the companies you may wish to apply for, then have a look on their websites, when do they open? If it’s a big corporate you’re after, you can bet that they’ll be opening ANY time from July, so ensure that you are looking as soon as possible. IBM, for example, will be opening any time from August, so we are running a webinar to show you how to plan your application. Placement searching is like adding another 30 credit module to your schedule, you need to make time, and ensure you are up to date with your applications – planning is key!

If you have an idea of the company you want to work at, but they’re an SME, family/friend business, or they just don’t have a big industrial placement scheme; then come and see us, we can help you to draft a speculative application.

We’re here all summer 8-5pm Monday-Friday only. Feel free to email us over the weekends but be aware that we won’t receive it until Monday morning! 


– Beth Barnham 


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