Gaining legal experience when studying for a law degree

You’re studying Law, and in order to get that long-lustred training contract, you’ll need some experience. How’s about a placement year to help you get that all important ‘experience’ that everyone keeps going on about?

OK, sounds great, but where can I get this experience?

Many of the companies below offer various programmes; – legal, regulatory affairs, environmental affairs, employment law, fraud, and compliance roles. You can also make speculative applications regarding potential work experience or placement roles. These can be roles within Leicester, back home, or even if you know of someone who works in or at a law firm, they too can be approached.

We often hear that students don’t apply for legal roles because the role is within administration, or something they entitle as “not related to their degree or career aspirations”, but actually just working within the environment of a legal department or firm can be really beneficial to your work experience as you’ll be tasked with preparing legal documents, research, word processing, filing and general office tasks (NOTE: every placement and graduate role will include some form of general administration, the fact you are studying for a degree does not make you exempt!!)

If you’re struggling with how to write a CV for legal roles, or simply don’t know where to look, come and see us in the Placement Office, and we will be more than happy to go through it with you on a 1:1 basis.




– Beth Barnham


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