Placement Appointments

The Placement Team is great place to start when considering your placement options as this could have a huge impact on your career. The appointments can help you to consider which industry, sector or placement role you want to pursue as well as providing you with guidance on how you will secure a placement role.

Placement appointments themselves are typically 30 minutes long, confidential, one-to-one sessions between yourself and an experienced placement coordinator or officer.

BAL case studies

You could be discussing any of the following:
• Helping you to identify and analyse the skills you have to offer.
• Talking about your course, its relevance to placement choice, and what you have gained from it.
• The process of placement job search and selection.
• Discussing how to put yourself across effectively in CVs and written applications and during selection interviews and assessment processes.
• Reflecting back on your placement search experience and reviewing your placement search strategy
• Identifying key areas where you can improve on any skills gap and signposting to relevant services and resources.
• Reviewing your placement search to see if any changes of approach are necessary in order to secure a satisfactory outcome.

In the placement appointment we aim to deliver:
• Impartial, client centered and non-judgmental guidance.
• Support in decision making and prioritising actions.
• Accurate and up-to-date information.
• Alternative sources of information and help where appropriate.

You should make an appointment to see a placement coordinator or officer in the Business & Law faculty if:
• You are a 1st year or 2nd year student considering a placement year option.
• You are a 2nd year student making applications for placement opportunities including CV reviews, application reviews or cover letter reviews.
• You are a 2nd year student who has an interview for a placement and need interview or assessment centre advice.

• You are a 2nd year student and would like to request a mock interview for a placement interview you have coming up.
• You are a 2nd year student and need advice on Psychometric Testing
• You are a 2nd year student and need advice on travel to interview bursary

Appointments to see a placement adviser in the Business & Law faculty can be made via MyGateway and selecting ‘appointments’


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