My First Two weeks

Daniel Nyirenda – Placement Assistant.

Studies: Advertising & Marketing, at De Montfort University


My First day:

At this point I was extremely excited, all the hard work and commitment has paid off. It was time to get started, learn as much as I can and make an impact. Upon arrival, the team welcomed me with a warm welcome. Most people tend to be nervous at this stage, ‘YOU’RE ON YOUR PLACEMENT YEAR’ don’t be. After meeting the team and members of the other Faculties. We got straight into business, the current placement assistant who I will be replacing began the handover by explaining; how jobs are advertised, the social media side, email marketing, content creation, webinars, newsletters the list goes on.

Reflection of my first week:

As you can tell I’m really excited, I enjoyed working with the team and understanding what they do on a day to day basis. However, it was challenging to keep up with all the information that was thrown at me *hint always have a notepad for notes*, secondly waking up early was a nightmare, only because I love sleeping. They say sleep is for billionaires so, I guess I better make a billion pounds ASAP…  Anyway on the positive side, as a result of waking up early, my time management skills have improved drastically, which will definitely help me in my final year of study.

Reflection of my second week:

At this point, I was ready to make an impact, an impact that will hopefully change the mindset of the current 2nd-year business and Law students. Upon reflection, I gathered that most students don’t feel confident enough to do a placement, or they give up after a few rejections. I was once in your position and I know how it feels, you know what they say ‘Nothing comes easy’ so put all feelings aside and don’t give up.

Coming up with ideas to change current perceptions and attitudes is probably the most exciting aspect of this job, all the activity in the office is centered on students. It’s all about the students! So the team will be working extremely hard to ensure that, you as the student receive all the necessary information.

Feeling unstoppable and on top of the world:

I feel so confident at the moment, the transition from a student to a full-time employee has really changed my state of mind. Two weeks have past, and I can honestly say I’m ready to apply for a graduate job, when the time comes of course. In addition, the responsibility that lies on my shoulders has helped me to believe in myself more.

Bring on the next 11 months!



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