Developing a passion for Marketing

I study Advertising & Marketing at De Montfort University, we have an amazing £35 million building, which is home to the Faculty of Business & Law. It is here that I gain all my knowledge about the ins and outs of Advertising & Marketing.

Marketing is a complex discipline it incorporates many aspects of business so finding one particular area of interest is very important. In order to find an area of interest that, I would potentially want to pursue in the future, I began to take things more seriously.

During my second year, I had six modules;

  1. Advertising and Promotion
  2. Direct and Digital Marketing
  3. Brand Management
  4. Buyer Behaviour
  5. Sports Marketing
  6. Marketing Research

I thoroughly enjoyed Advertising and Promotion, Which led me to dig deeper into the subject. Not only was I revising at home and completing assignments, I was also finding ways to learn more about Marketing. My lecturer Jane Vicars advised me to subscribe to an online magazine ‘Marketing week’ that covers marketing news, opinion, information, advertising, media, PR, and online marketing. After all, what’s the point of just studying a subject, if you’re not interested in it at all? If you’re a student reading this, I suggest you look into gaining information from the outside world (Industry).



Anyway, it doesn’t End there, after a few months My lecturer Julia Cook introduced me to a YouTube channel run by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) ‘the world’s most influential professional body for practitioners in advertising and marketing communications.’ It was here that I got to understand how adverts are created, the process is beautiful. Eventually, my phone had its own Marketing Folder which consists of; Marketing week, IPA, Hubspot, Adweek, DMA, VCCP, AMVBBDO, Adam&Eve, TopRankmarketing, Advertising Age.

The Benefits:

  1. Knowledge; All the information you’ve read will give you an advantage when completing assignments additionally you’ll be better equipped to tackle any challenge you’ll ever face especially if its marketing related.
  2. Vocabulary Expansion; You will be surprised when all of a sudden your head is filled with Marketing Jargon, being articulate and well-spoken will give you an advantage in the outside world.
  3. Improved Concentration; You know how you can’t put your phone down, for more than 5 minutes well, reading loads will help.
  4. Better writing Skills: Wouldn’t it be great to impress your lecturer with big words and great understanding.
  5. Strong Analytical skills: You’ll be able to analyse what’s going on around you for instance if you get an email from Dominoes, just from reading the case studies by DMA, you would know what is measured; ‘Open rate, Click through rate etc.


Get it done, show your area of study the same interest, that you would to Snapchachat, Twitter or any other social media channel, that you can’t live without.


Be an Explorer.explore


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