“Don’t fall in love with success stories without appreciating the journey” -Felix Ochefu 2016.


Felix Ochefu

Goldman Sachs..JP Morgan..Canary Wharf..live at home..rent free. That was the original plan for how my placement year was supposed to occur; it still amazes me how differently things turned out. Doing a placement was always part of my plan; a big reason why I chose the Business and Management degree at De Montfort University. I had heard numerous times how beneficial a year in industry would be to my overall employability and was certain I was good enough to earn myself a spot at a prestigious firm. Surely I could send one or two CV’s, smash an interview and be sitting at my new desk at the Morgan Stanley HQ by June. I don’t need anyone’s help. Ambitious? Yes. Grossly underprepared? Most definitely. We tend to fall in love with success stories but fail to understand or even appreciate the journey, and once again I learned this…

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