“Don’t fall in love with success stories without appreciating the journey” -Felix Ochefu 2016.


Felix Ochefu

Goldman Sachs..JP Morgan..Canary Wharf..live at home..rent free. That was the original plan for how my placement year was supposed to occur; it still amazes me how differently things turned out. Doing a placement was always part of my plan; a big reason why I chose the Business and Management degree at De Montfort University. I had heard numerous times how beneficial a year in industry would be to my overall employability and was certain I was good enough to earn myself a spot at a prestigious firm. Surely I could send one or two CV’s, smash an interview and be sitting at my new desk at the Morgan Stanley HQ by June. I don’t need anyone’s help. Ambitious? Yes. Grossly underprepared? Most definitely. We tend to fall in love with success stories but fail to understand or even appreciate the journey, and once again I learned this the hard way. Do you want to know the secret to acquiring a successful placement position? Ready? Okay, here is it. WORK WITH THE PLACEMENT TEAM. Sorry for shouting I just want to make sure those at the back can hear me. DMU’s placement team works tirelessly to prepare, excite and inspire every student interested in embarking on a placement year; updating opportunities, referring students to numerous workshops, holding one to one meetings and so much more. These are not held for no reason.

The truth is no one will tell you more than once to make use of the facilities the placement team offer, it will be difficult to balance finding the best opportunity and work from your course but even this prepares you for what is to come. My ongoing placement as a Sales Operations Intern with a firm turning over near-as-makes-no-difference half a billion Pounds and living in the buzzing metropolis that is Birmingham for a year was born out of very close and detailed work with the placement team. I followed their advice, kept my options wide open and went from almost giving up on a placement altogether to struggling to choose between two well paid positions at the same company I now work at. So trust me, they know what they’re doing. They hold your best interest at heart but, they do not have the capacity to chase every student therefore, make yourself worth chasing, mix in some prayers, and without a doubt you will find the perfect placement opportunity for you. Now go out there and represent!

“Don’t fall in love with success stories without appreciating the journey” -Felix Ochefu 2016.

Felix Ochefu

Business and Management Student

Sales Operations Intern at Worcester Bosch Group


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