Why I Chose To Do A Placement by Sophie Rizan. (DMU Advertising & Marketing Communications Student)


Sophie Rizan 

Communications Intern at Saint-Gobain

Advertising and Marketing Communications

 If I’m honest, I was getting desperate for a placement so I started applying to a wider range of opportunities. It wasn’t until I was invited to the assessment centre I realised what a fantastic opportunity it would be to work for this company. Securing the placement would give me insight into a sector of the company I hadn’t previously given much consideration.

I am part of the Communications Team, with direct focus on internal communication. The team is made up of eight other colleagues, with a mixture of internal, external and brand specific roles.

I support in the planning and communicating of key campaigns and initiatives. I am responsible for creating a communicating a local newsletter which is sent to all colleagues at the office, I love this aspect of the role as it really allows me to express my imagination. I also manage an internal database which provides key information that is used by thousands of employees across all of the brands at Saint-Gobain. I support in the development of the employee intranet and assist with the day-to-day management/updates.

If you are unsure about doing a placement, go for it! I would highly recommend putting the effort it to secure a placement, there is no harm in applying and seeing where the process takes you. Some advice would be to tailor your CV and cover letter per application. Highlight your key skills that are applicable to the job role as well as showing a focus to that specific company- this will take some time, but it will be obvious you have taken the time to look into the company and really make a difference. In terms of applying for a placement, I made the mistake of applying everywhere and anywhere, make sure you really want the placement if it comes down to it. Your enthusiasm will come across in your application so don’t be afraid to be honest and get creative!


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