Placement at EA Sports – Esther Sodeke

Why I chose to do a placement 


Esther Sodeke                          Marketing Intern

Advertising & Marketing Communications Student

 Why did you choose to do a placement?

Simply put, I wanted to have an edge. I didn’t know where I wanted to do a placement but I knew I wanted to work in a place and on things I would enjoy. With the opportunities available I knew that was possible.

Tell us more about your role!

I work in the marketing department across all gaming titles under Electronic arts, so I primarily help with executing marketing campaigns. Since starting at EA I have my weekly responsibilities such as putting together reports tracking sales and tracking consumer awareness on games from collated primary research. Outside of that, I am given my own mini projects to work on such as developing a social campaign for The Sims UK Facebook page.

However, one thing I have grown to love is that no one day is the same. There’s always something going on, so being able to act fast has been key. Another part that makes this placement more fun than work are the events I get to go to and the wonderful people I work with. Banter, support and freebies are never lacking. The only thing I do dislike about this job is the quiet periods because I am someone who likes to keep busy but then again I get to play more video games during those periods.

What advice, can you give those that aren’t sure about doing a placement.

If you aren’t sure about doing a placement, speak to third-year students who did go on placements and speak to graduates who didn’t go on a placement. That’ll really give you a scope on how fundamental a placement is to progressing with an edge.

A word of advice for writing your CV and cover letter; go to the placement team. They really are there to provide quality help. In terms of finding your placement, keep an eye out on My Gateway. Bookmarking the placements you want will help keep on top of things. Don’t worry if you think there aren’t enough placements because that really isn’t the case, some always pop up.

In terms of giving up, don’t. Once I had my eye on a placement, I genuinely believed I had already got it. I put in as much effort and passion as someone they would want to give the job to and I can honestly say that’s what helped me the most (and watching Mad Men). Lastly, you really have to be willing to take a risk in terms of applying till the very end even if you have already started 3rd year. Just be brave and take that step.

 ‘Give yourself permission to be in process and find joy in just doing’






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