#DMUPlacementSuccess “Only you can shape your future through hard work and passion”. Aishwarya Sridhar

My success story

disney-3As I started browsing about the different placement roles available, I was wondering what were my main area’s of strengths and weakness, which role will be I be interested to work in, whether the kind of industry matters or should I just apply to every single one available so I might at least have a shot.

My experience for applying for a placement have had its ups and downs and regardless of the situation I seeked help from the placement unit. I am so grateful for the university to have this unit and without doubt they have been pillars of my strength.

I always had a fond passion to learn more about accounting and this developed when I had got the opportunity to work for two weeks at KPMG UAE in the audit field. I didn’t know what goes into applying for a placement and what procedure the company has to undertake in order to select the eligible candidate. Once I closely worked with the placement unit, they had advised me to practise Psychometric tests as different companies have different ways of testing.

Once I had applied to The Walt Disney Company they had mentioned alongside the Psychometric test and interview I would be having I had to take an excel test too. This was bit of a surprise as I personally was not familiar with Excel and was a bit nervous as too what I will be tested. Once I got to the assessment centre we were introduced to the employees working out there and an introduction of the company. It was truly magical. With regards to the psychometric test it went really well as the placement team suggested a few sites I could practise from and in the interview I was asked a lot of questions about what I will bring to the growth of the company for which I had a lot of ideas to put forward. Lastly, the excel test the most anticipated moment and was feeling worried. I found the first few questions to be straightforward and the rest a bit hard but I had an idea of how to perform those functions but did not have enough time. I was very disappointed that I didn’t give my best for the test.

Well, a week later I had received a call from Walt Disney Company and they were very impressed with my interview and my test results which resulted to me being offered the placement. I was over the moon and thanked God, my parents and lastly the placement team. It was the toughest hurdle I overcame yet and I looking forward to what is in store during this fantastic experience.

At the Walt Disney Company, I work as an audit intern and started on 6th June 2016. It has been almost two and half months since I started my placement and I have already learnt so much! I have taken part in many volunteering activities such as Finding Dory and Star Wars celebration. I had such a blast and it is only just the beginning! In terms of my main weakness which is excel before I joined, I have definitely improved much more and looking to improve my skills even more.

To all second years who are planning to go on their placement or have not decided yet, firstly I just want to say that do not miss such a fantastic opportunity. Even though its an added extra year before you have to graduate, but once you realise the importance it will be worth it.

Secondly, please seek all guidance from the placement unit! They are a blessing in disguise and ask any question you want and they will sort it out. Attend all workshops they conduct and get everything checked before sending it out to different companies. They are there to help you and they are the most talented happiest individuals I have met and I owe them my success!

Lastly, enjoy your time at your placement! Once you have achieved it make the most of it and if you do get in Disney I welcome you in advance!

Only you can shape your future through hard work and passion! I wish you all the very best for your future!

Aishwarya Sridhar


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