Why you need to attend employer presentations:


Why you need to attend employer presentations:

Do you want to do a placement to gain experience in a particular industry?

Want to achieve a first class degree at the end of your degree?

Going through the placement searcher process will help  prepare you for the outside world.

In this post, you will discover how attending an employer presentation will motivate you to find a placement.


#1 Keep a look out for Posters, emails, and social media posts.

To date, we’ve had presentations from Vauxhall, HPE, and GE these companies are big household companies that are screaming for students to apply.  Each company sent students from DMU that spent a year at these companies to prepare a presentation for students.

The placement team will promote these events extensively through email, posters, and social media, however, the decision lies in your hands, make that decision now and get engaged, believe us it will help.

#2 Book into a session

This is the easiest part once you see a poster, email, or social media post Take Action straight away, because we all know how distracting this world is, by the time you know it, your on snapchat, twitter or Instagram looking at irrelevant things. So with that being said switch on and book in NOW.

#3 Attend session and write notes

This is Key! By writing notes during a presentation you’re gaining an insight into how the company operates and if it is suitable to you as an individual. If you do end up applying you’ve got an advantage simply, because you won’t have to do as much research. For instance Emily who worked at HPE gave students insight on; Key Markets, leadership, and a breakdown of the revenue mix. You would need to find industry reports on HPE to access this sort of information, can you see the benefit of coming to an employer presentation now? Thought so!


#4 Ask Questions After the presentation

Asking questions is Vital! Simply because you can get information from someone that has been in your position before, so if you’re worried about what happens at the assessment centre this could be your time to find out everything. Maybe you’re not sure what exactly needs to be included in a cover letter, again asking questions will solve the problem, or you may have general queries about the role. #AskQuestions!


Networking is about making connections and building relationships, through doing this you will benefit in many ways, for instance you will gain; Opportunities, Connections, Positive influence and Friendship.




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