Importance of having a good CV


Importance of having a good CV.

Your CV is the first impression that a potential placement employer will get of you. It is utmost important that you have a good CV as employers spend around 20-30 seconds to get an impression of who you are.

A good quality CV will boost your chances to get shortlisted for an interview therefore, you need to spend some quality time on the content as well as the presentation of it.

Having an impressive CV will make a difference in you gaining the placement position that you want where as a CV which is not of a good quality may decrease your chances of getting shortlisted for an interview.

you need to be concise and accurate in your CV therefore, we suggest that you use bullet points where possible. Avoid using big chunks of paragraphs as this will make your CV look too text heavy.

Your CV should not be more than two pages long and you must tailor your CV to each role that you apply for reflecting your skills and experience to the requirements of the job.

Your CV will contain the following details:

Personal Details: this should include your name, contact address – you can both your home as well as your term time address, a contact number – please remember to update your mobile number on your CV each time you get a new number.

Many students often forget to update the number, therefore, employers are unable to get in touch with you. You must also include and email address too.

You do not need to add your gender, nationality, sexual orientation, date of birth or any other personal information.

Key Skills Profile:

This is the most important element in your CV. You must include all the skills that you have but also tailor this section to the skills required for the role that you are applying for.

Always evidence where you have obtained this skill whether be it from your university studies, part time job or volunteering roles that you have undertaken.

Education section:

In this section, you need to list your university, college, and secondary education.

You must list them in a reverse chronological order I.e list your university first and then college followed by your secondary education.

Provide dates for when you have attended each of these institutes and you may also want to include the modules and marks in your university section.

For your college and secondary, you can add you’re A-levels as well as GCSE’s that you have obtained.

Employment / Work Experience

In this section you list all the jobs you have worked in or any work experience that you have had. Remember employers don’t necessarily ask you have experience in your chosen field but what they look for is transferable skills. It is important that you take part in some form of work experience whether be paid or voluntary to add value to your CV and your future careers.

You will need to list all the companies that you have worked for and the role title for each of the jobs that you did. Like before this also needs to be in a reverse chronological order.

List the dates, company name and the role you did. briefly, write in bullet points your responsibilities that you had and some of the achievements you gained by working in the role.

Additional information / interest

In this section, you may want to write about any extracurricular activities that you have taken part in. This could be raising money for charity or volunteering for a particular cause or being part of a society at university.

You may want to include any interests that you have but keep it brief and don’t waffle too much.


Finally, you need to have a section for references. You do not need to supply any contact details at this moment. You simple write that references are available upon request and

when the employer contacts you to get a reference you can supply them with the correct details of your chosen referee.

All of the above must be included in your CV to ensure that you have a good CV.

Remember that placements employers will be receiving hundreds of CV’s via email therefor it is very important that you give your CV (document) a good title. This must include your first and second name followed by CV. Please don’t just name it as ‘CV new’ or ‘Updated CV’ this will make it very hard for an employer to identify whose CV this is. Some employers may not even bother looking at your CV if you haven’t managed to add your name  to it, therefore, it very important that you include your full name in the title of your CV.

If you are a second year student thinking of doing a placement and would like to get your CV reviewed please book an appointment with the placements team via MyGateway. If you are 1st year student or a final year student you will need to book an appointment with Careers team in order to get your CV reviewed.





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