Himansh Sidhana: #MyPlacementSoFAR

Placement experience


When I first started one-year internship I was very excited to see how I would settle into such a diverse and multicultural organisation. At first, I thought I would be doing very simple administrative tasks such as photo-copying and scanning documents. I was wrong to think this because I got thrown into the deep end straight away and really enjoyed my experience. I thought to myself now is the time to push my boundaries and see how I can cope.

My role at Airbus enables me to create a diverse network where I meet people from different departments such as Finance, Engineering and Logistics. In my role I deal with all queries relating to learning and competence where I deploy training courses and set up training courses which I believe will benefit employees. I also have some responsibility to manage the budget we get on training courses and monitor if employees are attending the training courses they have been signed up for.

With the help from the placement office at university I am very lucky to have secured a fantastic one – year internship at Airbus. The placement team really helped me throughout my recruitment process where they assisted me with my cover letter, helped me with interview techniques and even gave me a rough idea of what to expect in an assessment centre.

I have now been in my internship for three months and I have had the opportunity to travel to several Airbus sites across the UK and Europe. This is very beneficial for my personal development as I get to see the other sides of HR such as training and development, recruitment and policies.

Himansh Sidhana   

Business Management and Human Resource Management


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