Georgia Middleton #MyPlacementSoFAR


Hi there,

My placement is going very well, here is a quick insight into the sort of things I have been up to so far in the first 6 months of placement.

As part of the project management internship at Rolls-Royce there has been many opportunities that I have been able to uptake in and learn from. Recently I have been a part of a close out of £15 million part government funding project upon creating a virtual engine design. After being the responsibility to write the technical closeout report and presentation it lead to me gaining the chance to travel to Paris for a few days with the company to present this project closeout. This was a daunting, but greatly educating trip that has opened up more doors and has allowed me to improve communication skills, presentation skills and gain greater confidence.

As well as this my role covers roles such as budget support for different projects, interaction with suppliers, helping to produce business cases, organise large events, and support many areas of the business. There have been, and are so many great opportunities to look forward to after Christmas and cannot wait to find out about other opportunities I will face in the new year.

Georgia Middleton

Project Management & Operations
Engineering Capability

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