Sandeep Odedra #MyPlacementSoFAR


Sandeep DMU blog pic.jpg

Me (left), my manager (centre) and Ali (right) outside the Houses of Parliament


My Placement Experience So Far

I’m four months into my placement – I’ve learnt a lot, done a lot and most importantly I haven’t been fired yet! Working as an analyst for the Department for Work and Pensions has been a joyful experience. Navigating through the rough terrain which is often present in Government with has been a grand learning opportunity. The changing landscape with events like Brexit has meant the lives of the UK citizens have transformed. It is, therefore, our responsibility to make these transitions smooth and comfortable for the many lives that are affected by the decisions of Government (ngl, which are often wrong).

Being on my placement, I have learnt an incredible lot about myself. It has almost been a self-development journey. The usual blag… stuff like my communication skills and my time management skills have vastly improved. But most vitally, my confidence has gone through the roof. Among many things, I have chaired meetings, presented in front of experienced colleagues, made new friends, liaised with other Government departments etc.

One thing I will cherish about my placement in years to come is the fact that I have met an incredible bunch of people. A couple honourable mentions: Ramesh ✓, my placement squad ✓, man like Ali ✓, James Brown Shutdown ✓, Faisal ✓, Iky ✓ Muaz ✓.

In the words of 2pac, ‘our future is our confidence and self-esteem’.




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