William Morse #MyPlacementSoFAR



When I first began my placement, I was hesitant about working at a small company thinking I might not get as much experience as at a large company. However, I’m now seven months into my placement and have learnt more than I think I would have ever done at a large company.

I work for a Leicester based procurement company called NAAS Corp Ltd which buys and sells oil and gas equipment to African energy companies. My job is to create quotes for clients primarily in Nigeria and Libya by sourcing products through suppliers. Working in this industry was intimidating at first, I’d lived in Nigeria when I was very young so had a brief understanding of the country but not business culture. Since then I’ve learnt a wealth of experience, conversing with CEOs of manufacturing plants across the world and representatives of African Governments.

My role is sales based but also incorporates marketing and networking responsibilities. Placement students tend to favour big businesses over smaller ones, but I think smaller ones can be just as rewarding; the company may not be globally recognised, but you’ll usually get more responsibility and voice.

As advice for students looking for placements, the main point is to not give up. Most students end up going through fifty to sixty companies before getting one, sometimes more. But the advantages of getting one are so worth it, and the more practice you get applying the better you’ll be next time. I’m grateful for DMU’s placement unit and lecturers who helped me massively while applying for placements and will to anyone applying now.

William Morse

Business & Marketing Student

Available positions:

Sales/Marketing/UK&Export Placement: http://bit.ly/2jdoEe2


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