Mitesh Mistry #MyPlacementSoFAR

I am currently a Marketing Intern at HTC, working within their Virtual Reality division HTC Vive. Having been in the role for 4 months now, I have gained lots of commercial knowledge in marketing but also in other aspects such as procurement and sales. My role focuses heavily on retail marketing, which involves working with retail partners across all of Europe, giving me a great insight into cultural differences in business practice and the challenges this may cause.

Placement is a great way to see what career path might be best suited for you – I would never have thought retail marketing would be as enjoyable and rewarding as I find it now. I’ve also realised how important your team/company culture is to how productive and happy you are – something so valuable which I’m glad I’ve learnt now rather than later.

I urge all current 2nd year students to find a placement. If you haven’t got a placement now or even in 6 months…DON’T GIVE UP!! I know how demoralising getting rejected can be but I found my placement at the beginning of August so just keep going!!



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