Philippa West #MyPlacementSoFAR

Applying for placements was a very stressful time. I started searching in about November and was rejected from dozens of different companies until I was invited to an assessment centre with Siemens. I went to the Uni Placement team for help and guidance for this, which made me feel so prepared for the day. By remaining determined to take part in a placement year, it really paid off and finally I had the call that Siemens were offering me the placement.

During my first week I was nervous and worried I would mess up. But meeting my team and them being really friendly made me feel much more comfortable and it didn’t take long for me to feel like part of the team. I have been taking part in many projects with the Supply Chain team, and also working with other interns at the Development Program set up internally by Siemens. I would definitely recommend doing a placement as it really is a great opportunity and is giving me so much experience so that I know what to except if I were to work in this field in the future.

With best regards,

Philippa West



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