Local placements and the benefits

Last year we had 39 students go out on placement in the East Midlands to companies such as Tech4i2 and Gi Solutions. London came second with 24 of our students going out on placement in that region. If you thought, the East-Midlands does not have anything to offer then think again.  In addition to the great opportunities that the East-Midlands has to offer, here are some of the benefits that you will receive:

  1. More work opportunities – Sometimes local employers may offer part-time work to students who have completed a placement year with them whilst in their final year. So if it’s based in Leicester then students would be able to commit a few hours a week to work for their placement employer.
  2. Convenient ­­- Placements can be extra difficult as they are a big lifestyle change, so doing one somewhere where you know the location and don’t have to relocate and relearn everything is a bonus and you can focus on the placement itself.
  3. Easy to find accommodation – You won’t have to delay finding accommodation during second year as to whether they are successful in gaining a placement or not you will have somewhere local to live.
  4. Living in Leicester – Gaining a local placement means you not only know the city itself but are likely to know the company so have a better idea of (or a better chance to check out) its offices, location, layout, staff, atmosphere, business approach.
  5. Student experience – Students on placement in Leicester don’t have to miss out on the student experience as Leicester is a very student focused city, you can still make the most of the events, fairs etc.
  6. DMU facilities – Working locally means you can still easily make use of DMU facilities, i.e. the library, places to eat and relax, meeting tutor/placement staff on campus.


For more information on Local placements email us: businessplacements@dmu.ac.uk


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