Richard Mawuli is making a positive impact on his placement year at Acuris. #MyPlacementSoFar

On arrival on my first day at Acuris, I was met by my manager where I was introduced to the marketing department where I would spend the rest of my year as a placement intern. Everyone seemed to welcome me into the team and a lot of advice was given as it was my first day. The advice was great and helped me ease into the new office environment. Apart from the usual period of familiarizing myself with my new desk the main highlight of the day was having lunch with the team which provided that space to build good relationships and raise any questions I had regarding the company which was cool due to the busy period to make ready the new lunch as Acuris.

Richard Mawuli

The first week went at a relaxed pace where I took introductions concerning the different brands within the company, how they worked with a general business overview which was a challenge to grasp but provided good insight. The next week was followed with more introductions on the brands, getting stuck into minor tasks as I provided additional support to my new colleagues with a detailed meeting where I learned about the marketing/pr activities of the company. Since then I have built good working relationships with my team along with other staff in various departments. The crazy golf and participation in the JP Morgan run with the team facilitated that. Furthermore, I have worked with the New York office with social media activities with a new project to perform a competitor analyse which gives me an exciting chance to have a positive input into the team.

My advice to others who will be applying for placements this year is to keep a persevering mindset with all things concerning placement. Knowing what your good at and what you can improve on that would better your chances in gaining a placement or within the work environment is crucial. De Montfort university has great facilities to accompany that with stuff more than willing to provide a helping hand in assisting you in that. Any skills that you would need within your placement that you have displayed within university or in past work experiences, those you should be confident in as it will give you that morale to display them well. Whether that be in a cover letter, cv, interview or within the work place as you will be surprised how well you can perform those skills despite the nerves that you may have as you begin your placement. Whether it be prior to a gaining a placement or after gaining one, perseverance is important as well as surrounding yourself with those who can help you land a good placement. The lecturers, Friends, family, De Montfort university mentor scheme along with the placement team, all who can provide a great helping hand.

Richard Mawuli
International Marketing and Business
Marketing/Social media intern at Acuris

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