“I would say that LinkedIn is your best friend, use it to your advantage.” AMBER PIANFORINI at Big Sound Marketing. #MyPlacementSoFar 

Doing a placement as part of my degree was one of the best decisions I have made during my time so far at university. I am currently on placement as an Account Executive at Big Sound Marketing just outside of Leicester. My journey to acquire my placement was not a ‘typical’ route. I was fortunate to have was a LinkedIn account, which proved invaluable when approached by Big Sound Marketing through the network site.

My placement, already in my first month has been INCREDIBLE, I have a lot more responsibility than I expected to have in the first instance, in my first week alone I created social media content for one of their biggest clients Ford and Slater who are a DAF Truck dealership and for Ross Handling – the UK’s number one castor supplier, who supplies to organisations such as; Rolls Royce, McDonald’s, Sainsbury’s, BBC and DHL.

Amber Pianforini image1

I have been solely responsible for the photography at events, the most prominent was conducted by a combination of the companies’ big clients – Leica Geosystems, Hawk Group, and BAM Digital Construction. At the day itself, I was viewed as a valued member by clients, not an intern, speaking to highly regarded individuals within the industry. My placement has definitely ‘thrown me in the deep end’ but I couldn’t be more grateful!

Amber PianforiniLeica Digital Construction Day

In my second week I went on a teambuilding day in Nottingham. We had a meeting in the morning, became secret agents, and were given code names as part of a locked room challenge in the evening, then sang karaoke until the early hours! I’m pleased to say, I still had a job on Monday despite bad singing with my manager!

The day-to-day life as a placement student changes so much, I work 9-5:30 – but if we are filming onsite or visiting a client I might have to be at work for 5. Being in an agency whose specialism is the clients they work with, rather than the services they offer, has allowed me to gain a broad spectrum of everything my degree has to offer which is something I would have never considered before. I have so much freedom to explore different avenues within the different sectors of the industry but also varying clients too!

If I had to give advice to future placement searchers, I would say that LinkedIn is your best friend, use it to your advantage! My manager said to me ‘The harder you work, the luckier you get’ during my interview and believe I have been extremely lucky to be on placement here!


Account Executive (Placement Year)


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